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Frequently asked questions

1. What is specialty coffee?

Specialty coffee is a category that offers high-quality coffee. Specialty coffee is defined as any coffee that scores above 80 points on a 100 point scale by Specialty Coffee Association.

2.What makes it so special?

Cultivation, careful harvesting, processing, roasting, packaging, grinding and preparation are the steps that make a coffee special.

3. Where does the coffee come from?

Each coffee that we offer comes from a different farm from a different location. We work directly with the farmers, to ensure the highest quality of the product.You can read in detail about every farm in the description of the specific coffee.

4. Do farmers get a fair share?

It is very important to us to make sure our farmers are given a fair price for the product. That’s why we work directly with them, so we can pay them more.

5. Where and how often do we roast the coffee that we sell?

We roast the coffee we offer in our bakery in Trebich, Sofia. We roast coffee every day because we want it to be fresh for you. We have invested in a coffee stove that emits no harmful emissions into the air, therefore our bakery is considered "green".

6. Do you only offer coffee beans?

We offer coffee beans, but we can grind them for you in all of our locations. If you order from our online store you can choose the type of grind you prefer and we will deliver it to you.

7. What are the flavor notes? Do you add extra flavoring to your coffee?

All our coffees are completely natural without added flavoring. Flavor notes describe characteristic aromas of the coffee. The notes are different depending on the variety of the coffee, as well as the processing it goes through.

8. How do I store the opened coffee package?

Our packages preserve the aromas and flavors of the coffee for the maximum period of time.

9. What is the expiration date of the specialty coffee?

For the most aromatic and rich taste, we recommend it to be consumed after the second week from the date of roasting, until the third month. You can contact us online if you have more questions.