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Terms & Conditions

I. Terms and conditions

1. This electronic shop belongs to the company ” Mira Mar 08″ Ltd., with address of registration: Pazardzhik 4400, 44 Jakov Matakiev str., Contact person: Jordan Dabov, VAT: BG200358259
2 . We are direct importers and distributors of the products we offer.
3 . Common terms define legal relationships that occur when purchasing items from the online store between ” Mira Mar 08 ” Ltd. on the one hand, hereinafter reffered to as THE PROVIDER and the user or the customer on the other hand, hereinafter referred to as THE CUSTOMER.
4 . Using the e-shop is considered as an acceptance of these terms and conditions of the online store .
5 . Provider has the right to modify these terms at any time without prior notice. The revised terms shall become effective upon posting on the site.
II. Products

1. THE PROVIDER provides to the customer:
– Selection of products that the customer may buy.
– Accurate information (importer, manufacturer, weight, storage conditions and ways of use) of the products that the customer can buy.
– Exact price of the products that the customer can buy.
III. Prices

1. Prices in the online store are for 1 (one) piece including VAT, unless otherwise stated.
2 . The stated price of the product does not include the cost of delivery, if any. Delivery cost is added to the product price.
3 . Prices in the online store may be changed by supplier at any time without prior notification on the store page. The CUSTOMER shall pay the price that was announced at the time of making the order.
4 . Price reductions in the online store are visualized as crossed out. The new price appears beside.
IV. Orders

1. By clicking the button “Order” the customer becomes automatically a party to this contract, as described in the Consumer Protection Act (by the Bulgarian legislation).
2 . A product is considered to be ordered or required by the customer after an employee of the provider has connected the customer and verified the correctness of delivery address and phone number of the customer.
3 . In case of incorrect phone or shipping address, the order is considered cancelled and will not be delivered.
V. Delivery

1. The provider shall deliver products without defects ordered in the online store by the CUSTOMER, given the below deadlines.
2 . The client is obliged to provide access to the given address for delivery of the goods.
3 . For Sofia the delivery is made by “TRANSPRESS” from door to door in the working hours of the company. The delivery for the country is made by the company “TRANSPRESS” from door to door in the working hours of the company.
4 . The cost of delivery does not include the exact time of delivery or additional services, that could be performed only upon customer’s request. In this occassions the delivery costs are paid by the customer.
5 . Delivery times, in case that the address and phone number of clients have been confirmed, are:
– For Sofia – 1 to 3 working days from order confirmation.
– Bulgaria- 1 to 3 working days by the delivery schedule of the courier company “Transpress”.
6 . If Customer fails to provide access to the delivery address, the order is considered cancelled. At the requests of the Customer the goods may be delivered after the deadline for delivery, but only on condition that the customer pays the cost of shipping and handling.
7 . THE PROVIDER is not responsible for the delay of the order caused by the courier company .
VI. Payment

1. Payment is by:
1.1. Bank transfer made prior to delivery of goods
1.2. Cash to the courier at the time of receipt of the order
1.3. Debit / Credit card
VII. Withdrawal and return of goods

1. Under the CPA , Article 55 , the customer has the right to withdraw the purchased item within 14 (fourteen ) days of receipt, without giving any reason and without paying any compensation. In this case, the Provider shall reimburse the Customer in full amounts paid by him not later than 30 days from the date on which the consumer has given up the goods. In this case, the transport costs are borne by the customer. Repayment shall be in cash, cash on delivery or bank account of the customer. If payment is made by debit/credit card the refund will be made to the same credit/debit card in 14 days. The customer must keep the goods received from the provider in quality and safety during the term of art. 55 , para 1 of the Law on Consumer Protection. Prerequisite for the goods to be returned is to be kept in an excellent presentation, without being used and with the original packaging. Products must be returned in the original appearance in which they are received by the coustomer. According to the Law on Consumer Protection products that do not meet these conditions are not refundable and are subject to refusal. PROVIDER has the right to refuse to return a product, according to the law.
2 . In case of returns, the cost for the delivery is paid by the customer and is not refundable.
VIII. Returns

Returns can be made ​​by customers in case if:
1. Delivered goods do not correspond to the ordered.
2 . Delivered goods are damaged during transportation.
3 . Delivered product has factory or manufacturе defect.
4 . The price advertised on the site does not match the price that the customer must pay .
5 . The deadline for delivery, declared in Article 5 paraгрaph 5 of this contract is not observed.
6 . Returns on the above points are made only at the time of delivery.
7 . When complaints on the above points occur, the transport costs shall be borne by the provider.
8 . Apart from the foregoing cases, the customer has no right to refuse to accept and pay for the ordered goods. Otherwise he is obliged to cover the costs of delivery and return the goods under Art. 7, para. 2 of this contract .
9. In cases of refusal of goods, a receipt is drawn at the time of delivery. If the customer refuses to sign the protocol, it is assumed that his refusal to receive the goods is unfounded and the costs of delivery and return of goods are due to the customer.
10 . Returns are accepted in a way, convenient for the customer – by telephone, email or otherwise, he or she shall state the reasons for the claim. The PROVIDER reserves the right not to accept the claim of the customer if it is deemed to be unfounded, according to the current legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria.
11 . The Provider shall notify the Customer of its opinion by phone or email within 14 (fourteen ) days of receipt of the claim.
IX. Restrictions

1. Customers of the e-shop may not copy, use or distribute texts, images or parts of the site without the explicit written consent of ” Mira Mar 08″ LTD.
2 . Customers of the e-shop are not allowed to overload the online store with fake requests or other information (flood).
3 . Customers of the e-shop are not allowed to make screenshot of the site without the explicit written consent of ” Mira Mar 08″ LTD.
4 . Customers of the e-shop are not allowed to perform acts that violate generally established rules of communication, to perform malicious actions, dissemination of viruses, and the like, damaging or violating the rights or interests of third parties.
X. Declaration on the Protection of personal data

PROVIDER ensures the confidentiality of information and personal data. The latter will not be used, provided or brought to the attention of third parties outside the cases and conditions set out in these Terms and Conditions. PROVIDER protect customers’ personal data, become known when filling out the electronic form for making an application to purchase. This obligation shall cease if the customer has provided incorrect data. Subject to applicable law and the provisions of these Terms and Conditions, the supplier can use customers’ personal data only for the purposes specified in the contract. Any other purposes for which the data is used, will be tailored to Bulgarian legislation, the applicable international instruments, Internet ethics, rules of morality and decency. The PROVIDER will not disclose any personal information about customer to third parties – government bodies, companies, individuals and others, except when he received the written consent of customer or the information is required by state organs or officials as existing legislation, to require collect such information. The PROVIDER shall provide the information under the law.