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AlexAshley Poptodorov
Wonderful espresso tasting experience! This is my first time visiting my husbands country or traveling across the world. I’m so glad we found Dabov & enjoyed such a fantastic tasting!
Silviya Zaharieva
A wide selection of high quality coffee and service at an extremely high level! I highly recommend Dabov Specialty Coffee!
Ettore Botti
Dabov looks like a lab, it’s got this 'coffee is a serious business' atmosphere that I adore. They offer an incredible selection with a clean menu in both English and Bulgarian. Not only they operate classic espresso-based beverages, they only offer filter options. I had a really nice time, and a marvelously good Brazilian-beans espresso.
Jaroslav Burawa
This place is not ordinary coffee shop. Its more like coffee temple! Barista will greet you there right after you get in and offer you very beautiful coffee menu. In my opinion, Dabov is one of the best roasteries in Europe and one thing is for sure... whatever coffee you choose, you will be very happy. Whole experience there is flawless. Its a "must visit" place for any coffee lover visiting Sofia.

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