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DABOV Specialty Coffee

Who are we and where do we come from?

In 2008, we created our company and our only goal was to satisfy the demand for high-quality products in the HORECA sector in the Bulgarian market, especially for hot drinks (coffee, tea, hot chocolate) and equipment. Since then, we have been uncompromisingly improving the quality of our products and services offered to the client.
Ten years ago, My Gourmet Café was born, and under this brand, we offered the Bulgarian consumer quality products that had not been present on the Bulgarian market before that. Today, our main product is coffee, and since 2014, we offer it under the brand DABOV Specialty Coffee.

Over time, we realized that DABOV Specialty Coffee is not a product, but a project – it starts at the farm and ends in your cup, and we are the intermediary who feels a strong sense of responsibility in front of farmers and clients.

We chose to offer a fair price for the work of the farmers without bargaining or twisting their arms, but on the contrary – for high-quality green beans we offer a decent price, which in most cases surpasses exceedingly their expectations. We take care of the farmer’s coffee – we transport it and store it properly, and we find the most appropriate roasting profile for it so that the customer could enjoy it to the fullest.

Since 2013, our founder and coffee hunter, Jordan Dabov, has been the only Bulgarian juror in the unique international competition for the best coffees in the world – Cup Of Excellence. He has already participated in competitions in Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico. The organizer of the competition, Alliance for Coffee Excellence, aims to encourage coffee farmers to strive for better production for which they can get sometimes unexpectedly high price. Coffees that receive more than 86 points from international jurors from around the world, are being auctioned online.

And these are the coffees we buy. We choose farms that really care for the quality of their green beans. The beans come to us in special grain-pro packages that preserve their freshness and prevent them from damaging when stored. In 2015, we bought our first specialty coffee from the Alliance of Coffee Excellence, Costa Rica Donna Ileana – Organic coffee from Cesar Villalobos’ farm. We are extremely proud that in 2016, we fought for Guatemala’s number 1 coffee, Calibus la Sierra, which was the second highest rated in the world in 2016, and we won the auction! And in 2017, we secured number 7 in Brazil, Sitio do Bone, as well as our favorite Costa Rica Dona Ileana. In 2018, we were able to buy number 6 from Nicaragua, produced by one of the most acclaimed farmers, Gabriela Hueck.
We treasure among our great successes securing Dona Elvira Geisha Washed, number 16, from Best Of Panama and coffee №1 in the Washed category from COE Brazil 2018 – Brazil Fazenda Paraiso COE #1 2018. In 2019, we secured the highest-rated Geisha from all COE competitions – Honduras’ number 1 coffee from Finca Santa Lucia. We also bought Peru’s COE #1 – Finca La Lucuma and Brazil’s COE#10 from Fazenda Aterradinho. In 2020, even amidst the world chaos of Covid-19, we are extremely happy that we added to our catalog the first four highest rated coffees from the specialty coffee competition in India Gems of Araku, one more Cup of Excellence finalist, El Salvador Don Octavio COE #21 2020, a Washed Geisha from the XIVth Best of Panama, Panama Ironman IV Geisha BOP #11 2020 and Colombia’s 4th best specialty coffee for 2020 – Colombia Buenos Aires Geisha COE #4 2020.We roast our coffees in one of the best roasting machines – Probat. It has a 12- kilogram capacity that allows roasting of small batches. Sometimes, farmers are able to submit only a few sacks of high-quality coffee, and some extremely exotic coffees come in 5, 10 or 15kg bags from nano-lots.

In 2020, we started working with Loring as well. It is the most high-tech roasting machine currently available in the world, made in the USA. It guarantees absolutely uniform roasting of each coffee bean, so that the quality is constant.

DABOV Specialty Coffees are packed in three-layer aluminum foil with the lowest possible permeability and a one-sided valve that allows carbon dioxide to come out but prevents the oxygen to get inside. Packaging is an important stage of the production process, so packing takes place on the day of the roasting.

Our packs are 1 kg. and 200.8 grams. With the small we commemorate the year we found our company, and at average daily consumption 200.8 grams are sufficient for one week. Packages are zipped, allowing multiple use and good storage. The best option for delicious coffee is instant grinding before brewing.

DABOV Specialty Coffees are available as single origin, or coffee from a single batch coming from a certain farm, and espresso blends. Single origin comes with aroma and taste characteristic of the terroir, and when the lot is consumed, there is no guarantee that the next crop will have the same taste.

We currently offer Brazil Alianca, Brazil Planalto, Brazil Sitio Monte Alegre COE #14 2021, Costa Rica by Dabov, Espresso Blend Impressions, El Salvador Tres Pozos COE#7 2021, Ethiopia Nansebo, Ethiopia Wonago, Guatemala San Miguel Bio, Honduras Java Marysabel & Moises Washed, Honduras Caballero, Honduras Finca El Puente, House Blend Diablo, Signature Blend Vertigo, House Blend Impressions, Jamaica Blue Mountain, Kenya Nyeri Gatugi AB, Kenya AA Kamwangi Kopi Luwak, Nicaragua – Bio Swiss Water Decaff, Nicaragua Gabriela Hueck, India Lot 7 Gems of Araku – Organic 2021, Peru Geisha Santa Teresa #5 COE 2021.
For our blends, we take coffee beans from different farms and usually from different regions, and mix them so they can produce a perfect and balanced cup of coffee. Blends are usually used for espresso. To offer the perfect espresso, coffee shops managers choose coffee beans with consistency in their taste over time, balance of flavours and aromas, dense body and affordable price.

In order to satisfy these complex requirements, sometimes the development of an espresso blend takes us months. In the process, we cup different cofees from different regions, each with its characteristic taste. Working with Specialty Coffee is even more difficult because finding farmers in different regions around the world that produce coffee of the same quality each year is complicated, sometimes impossible.

We have already developed 4 espresso blends that meet the above mentioned requirements:

VERTIGO – One of the first developed espresso blends. Exclusive coffee with pronounced acidity, rich aroma and medium to thick body, designed for more demanding customers.

IMPRESSIONS – One of the first espresso blends developed as a mass blend up to 2017, with chocolate flavor, hazelnuts and roasted nuts, medium acidity, thick body. Suitable for the general public.

BAMBINO – The only espresso blend (developed on demand from our customer in 2011), which contains 9% Robusta. It is distinguished by a lower acidity and a dense body, caramel and dark chocolate taste. In order to avoid a negative effect of Robusta, we have chosen a high-quality Indian Robusta, more expensive than Arabicas.

DIABLO – Espresso blend from two of our favorites – Brazil Allianca and Guatemala San Miguel with a smooth body, chocolate flavor and sweet aftertaste.

DECAFF – Espresso blend from Arabica varietals Typica, Caturra, and Catuai from different regions from Central and Latin America.

IMPRESSIONS – Espresso blend in the best traditions of the classical Italian espresso style.

COLD BREW – Unique blend especially made for Cold Brew coffee.

Demand for high-quality tea worldwide has resulted in 2010 with the creation of DelmarTe premium tea line. By that time, we have patiently tasted over 3,000 teas, selected the best of them, and offered them to Bulgarian tea connoisseurs.
Thanks to our clients’ feedback, needs, and market demand, about 60 different teas have gradually emerged as favorite, which we offer in several collections:

DELMARTE PREMIUM – 9 kinds of high-quality tea packed in biodegradable pyramidal sachets.

DELMARTE HOME – 26 kinds of high-quality bulk tea in a luxury metal box.

DELMARTE EXCLUSIVE – 22 kinds of high-quality bulk tea in a luxury metal box.

From 2015 onwards, we also have our own brand of high quality hot and iced chocolates, Chocotigo, which are produced in Italy. We offer 4 kinds of hot chocolate and 2 kinds of iced chocolate in monodoses of 25 g each.
In addition to selling coffee, tea and chocolate, we are the official and exclusive distributor of renowned brands such as Expobar, Sanremo, La Marzocco and Kees van der Westen coffee machines, Anfim coffee grinders, Hario coffee makers, Ancap, accessories for professional baristas from Concept-art and Motta, Chemex and Hario tea and coffee accessories.

We offer corporate Christmas gifts for our more innovative clients (Czech Airlines, South Stream, Worley Parsons, Econt, City Clinic, Sodexo, V-Consulting, Porsche, BMW, etc.) we create unique coffee events all over Europe thanks to our coffee machines and know-how (EGT, Webit, Hack Conference, Mtel, Porsche, Treleborg, BMW), we develop coffee and tea with customer’s logo (Lazy Bar & Diner, Nedelya the Cake Company, hotel Graffiti, Varna Harmonica).

In the summer of 2010, we founded an Association of Bulgarian Baristas with the aim to offer training programs and courses to more baristas and coffee lovers, and to spread coffee and tea culture in Bulgaria. Following the Association, where Jordan Dabov is the main lecturer, we have opened DABOV Specialty Coffee Academy, where we organize coffee and tea tastings and trainings. Over the course of 9 years, we have trained over 3,000 coffee lovers and professionals.
Since 2009, Jordan Dabov is certified as a barista instructor by the European Association for the Specialty Coffee. And so far he is the only one for Bulgaria and Macedonia. Diplomas for baristas issued by Jordan Dabov are valid worldwide.
Since 2010, our company is a member of the European Association for Specialty Coffee, and since 2015 we are a member of the American Association for Specialty Coffee. We develop several sites from which our newest – https://dabov.coffee is launched, which will bring together all of our existing product and initiatives’ sites.

In November 2019, we opened our first showroom outside Bulgaria – in Vienna, Austria and we became a global company. In 2020, we followed with a showroom in Madrid, Spain.