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What is the Cup of Excellence?
Cup of Excellence (COE) is the most prestigious specialty coffee competition in the world.

It already has more than 20 years of history and has been held annually since 2009 in Brazil, Colombia, Peru, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Burundi, Rwanda and Ethiopia.

Thousands of coffees from every country are submitted annually for this competition, but only the best quality ones are admitted to the selection of finalist coffees. The goal of the organizer of the competition - , is to stimulate the producers of green grain to grow better quality production, for which they will receive a many times higher price than the market price.

During the two stages, a local and international jury taste each coffee one by one blindly, i.e. without knowing who its producers are. The following characteristics are evaluated: roasting color, aroma, defects, cleanliness of the glass, sweetness, acidity, sensation when sipping, taste, aftertaste, balance, overall appearance.

Each of them is rated from 0 to 8, with zero being "unacceptable", 4 being average, 6 being good, and 8 being really great coffee. Cup of Excellence is interested in coffee with grades between 6 (good) and 8 (excellent), i.e. those who received a total score of 87 points and above from a 100-point system.

Over its 20-plus year history, the Cup of Excellence has been able to fundamentally change the specialty coffee industry by constantly encouraging farmers to strive for higher quality and rewarding them by connecting them with buyers who pay not only fairly, but in many cases and a price many times exceeding the manufacturers' expectations.

This happens in the traditional online auction that takes place after each race.

The history of the Cup of Excellence

You specialty coffee lovers know that this is the most prestigious award given to the best coffees in the world every year. But do you know how the idea for it was born?
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Why try Cup of Excellence coffees?

Coffees from Cup of Excellence have no analogue in quality and enchant with unique taste characteristics. They are grown in ideal climatic conditions and boast little or no defects.

Plus, whenever you buy coffee from Cup of Excellence, you know that the farmers who produced it received not just a fair price, but a very high price for their labor. In this way, they can continue to develop their farm and improve the lives of their local community.
Jordan Dabov during the Cup of Excellence in Brazil 2018.

Jordan Dabov and Cup of Excellence

Our coffee hunter Jordan Dabov is part of the international jury group that has been judging the Cup of Excellence competitions around the world since 2013.

The selection of the jury members is a rather complex process and requires taster skills at an expert level.

The Alliance for Coffee Excellence has a lot of confidence in its jury members because it evaluates the farmers' annual work.

Participating as a jury member in the Cup Of Excellence is a very responsible and difficult task because one carelessness on the part of the jury can ruin the farmer's efforts that he has made for years.

Jordan Dabov has participated as a jury in the Cup Of Excellence competitions in Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, and four times in Brazil, including the most significant 20th anniversary edition of the competition in 2019.

DABOV Specialty Coffee and the best coffees from Cup of Excellence

At Dabov Specialty coffee, we believe that by offering Cup of Excellence coffees, we become an intermediary in a fair trade between the farmer and you, the coffee lover, in which everyone wins.

We select coffees from the Cup of Excellence according to various criteria – taste, farm, jury evaluation.

We are always aware that the basis is the long-term work of the farmer, who should be rewarded by receiving a great price for the great coffee he has produced. And on the other side is you - our coffee lover, who is waiting to try one of the best coffees of the year.

Our mission is to make these coffees as affordable as possible, bearing in mind that from most destinations the cost of transportation is greater than that of the coffee itself. However, the Alliance for Coffee Excellence is a transparent structure.
Jordan Dabov during the anniversary edition of the Cup of Excellence in Brazil in 2019 together with two of the founders of SOE – Susie Spindler and George Howell (left).

Dabov Specialty Coffee and Alliance for Coffee Excellence - a love story since 2013

From the moment Jordan Dabov became the jury of the world competition, we zealously followed its development, until the moment we dared to buy our first Cup of Excellence coffee - in 2015 - from Costa Rica, Doña Ileana farm.

And in 2016, we competed for Guatemala's #1 coffee, Calibus la Sierra, which was the second highest-rated coffee in the entire world for that year!

Many other coffees from different countries and vintages follow.

See which Cup of Excellence coffees were part of the DABOV Specialty Coffee catalog!

To date, we have added as many as 15 Cup of Excellence coffees to our catalog, namely:
2015 year
Coffee No. 32 from COE Costa Rica - Doña Ileana Farm
2016 year
Coffee #1 from COE Guatemala - Calibus la Sierra farm
2017 year
Coffee #7 from COE Brazil - Sitio do Bone farm
coffee #11 from COE Costa Rica - Doña Ileana farm
2018 year
Coffee #1 from COE Brazil - Fazenda Paraiso farm

The man behind Brazil's best specialty coffee for 2018

Farmer Ismael José de Andrade is excited that the best coffee he grew last year – Brazil Fazenda Paraiso COE #1 2018, became the best specialty coffee of Brazil for 2018 and has already been tasted by Bulgarian fans of the drink.
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2018 year
Coffee #6 from SOE Nicaragua - Gabriela Hueck's La Virgen Farm

Gabriela Hueck - the caring owner of a successful farm

Gabriela Hueck is responsible for the quality of the production of Finca La Virgen, whose coffee Nicaragua La Virgen COE #6 2018 won 6th place at the Cup of Excellence Nicaragua this year.
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2019 year
Coffee #1 from COE Honduras - Santa Lucia Farm - Highest Rated Geisha in Cup of Excellence Competitions

The best coffee we have ever offered you

Very soon you will be able to enjoy Honduras Santa Lucia Geisha COE #1 2019 - the highest-rated COE Geisha in the world for 2019.
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2019 year
Coffee #1 from COE Peru - La Lucuma Farm

We bought coffee number 1 in COE Peru 2019

In Thursday's online auction of Cup of Excellence Peru 2019 winners, we bid the most for the top-ranked coffee with a whopping 92.28 points
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2019 year
Coffee #10 from COE Brazil - Fazenda Ateradinho farm

We bought a winner from COE Brazil 2019

We placed the highest bid in last night's online auction for Fazenda Ateradinho coffee, rated 88.61 points at the Cup of Excellence in Brazil
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2020 year
Cafe #21 from COE El Salvador - Don Octavio farm
Coffee #4 from COE Colombia - Buenos Aires farm

Colombia's fourth best coffee is now on sale

We present to you Colombia Buenos Aires Geisha COE #4 awarded with 88.69 points
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2021 year
Cafe #7 from COE El Salvador - Tres Posos farm
Coffee #8 from COE Mexico - El Estribo farm

Expect coffee from COE Mexico for the first time

In the online auction that ended on Thursday with the finalists from COE Mexico, DABOV fought for the 8th best coffee
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2021 year
Coffee #5 from COE Peru - Santa Teresa Farm

We bought coffee at a record price from SOE Peru 2021

From the Cup of Excellence auction in the Latin American country, we bought coffee with a record price and unique qualities. The choice of our coffee seeker Jordan Dabov settled on the 5 best specialty coffees of Peru for 2021.
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2021 year
Coffee #14 from COE Brazil - Sitio Monte Alegre farm

A fourth coffee from Cup of Excellence Brazil enters our catalog

Coffee Brasil Sitio Monte Alegre COE #14 2021 ranked 14th with a score of 88.10 points. The intriguing flavor profile of peaches, strawberries, red grapes, and black cherry. The aftertaste of this fruity extravaganza is bewitchingly sweet.
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2022 year
Coffee #25 from COE Mexico - Apipias farm

We bought COE competition-winning coffee from Mexico

A coffee that stands out with a sweetness that is felt in the ethereal notes of cherry, maple syrup and chocolate - Mexico Apipias #25 COE 2022
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How do you coffee lovers support farmers?

By purchasing coffee that has been evaluated in the COE competition, you can be sure that you are greatly supporting farmers, their families, and their employees. The price of drinking good coffee here and now is the price of their labor from morning to night, in harsh conditions and a standard of living that is very different from ours. Every sip of coffee from COE gives hope to a child that there can be a different life for him.

Cup Of Excellence is a platform that meets producers and coffee lovers, and we only make this meeting possible. We desire to be able to support the farmers as much as we can and to bring you unique coffees in return.

Follow us in this long-standing initiative of ours!

See here which Cup of Excellence coffees we currently offer you!