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DABOV Academy with new courses in June

June at Dabov Specialty Coffee Academy is full of events – choose the tasting or course you want to attend now to make sure there will be room.

We have prepared for 13 events for you this month in our Dabov Specialty Coffee Academy. We have thought of both the professionals in the coffee world, as well as the numerous drink lovers who, in addition to trying new tastes, want to deepen their knowledge, without which they cannot.

We start at all the fatal June 13 with our traditional coffee tasting, within which you will try three coffee. Remember that you can bring a friend and take advantage of our proposal to taste coffee for two.

The other two coffee tasting dates are June 20 and 27.

The same day, we continue with one of our most visited courses – the barista lover. Do you want to be a professional with your coffee appliances at home? Welcome to learn this art together!

If this date is not convenient for you, the barista lover will also be on June 30.

On June 16, we will deal with a special free tasting of the latest taste in our catalog – Kenya Muiria – a black label. Coffee will be available online and in our store very soon, only in a week.

Also on June 16 will be held the first Espressomaniacs for this month – espressology. We are ready with a second date for it – June 20

On June 22, we offer you an intriguing coffee tasting from Cup of Excellence. You will taste two flavors that have won the jury in Nicaragua and Brazil. And on this tasting you can bring a friend with a common ticket.

This month we also have three Late Art Dates – 15, 27 and 29 June. All milk painting lovers are welcome!

We end the month with a tasting of 5 categories of tea in the art of tea – on June 30. And it is possible to share with a friend with a common ticket for two.

For all courses and tastings, you can buy tickets from our site or from our store and coffee on 58 Lyuben Karavelov Street.

Before paying, please inform whether there are vacancies for the tasting for which you want to enroll, on +359 887 064 878.

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