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DABOV Specilaty Coffee in the penguins company

DABOV Specialty Coffee and geography are somehow easily connected in our minds – both because of the travels of the coffee seeker Jordan Dabov, and because of the numerous articles about different farms from almost all continents. It’s almost all right, because we’ve never talked in the same sentence about DABOV Specialty coffee and…Antarctica. Obviously, there are no coffee farms there, but there are brave women and men who live for a month(s) every year in the icy wasteland and do research to support scientific developments. Just this year, they will start their icy and extraordinary day with a cup of coffee from DABOV. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Terra Australis, (Southern Land) is the name by which Antarctica existed in myths from ancient times. However, the continent was only discovered in 1820 by a Russian expedition and remained unexplored and unknown for almost a century, due to its hostile nature, lack of valuable resources and remoteness from populated parts of the world. Only in 1959, 12 countries signed the Antarctic Treaty, which was later joined by another 35 countries.

About 98% of the territory of Antarctica is covered by ice with an average thickness of 1.6 km. It is the continent with the lowest average temperatures, the lowest rainfall, the strongest winds, and the highest average altitude. The entire territory of Antarctica is an icy desert, with annual rainfall of only 200 mm along the coast and far less inland. Minimum temperatures can reach -89 °C. Only cold-adapted plants and animals can survive on the continent.

Bulgaria began its polar activity in the Antarctic in 1967-1969, in 1988 the Bulgarian base “St. Kliment Ohridski” was built

Every year, the Bulgarian Antarctic Society sends expeditions that aim to carry out research mainly in the field of earth sciences – geology, geophysics, physics, glaciology, meteorology, cartography, zoology, botany, ecology and medicine.

Preparations are currently underway for the next expedition, which will set off in January 2023, and we are particularly proud to be able to contribute to the development of science and the development of this inhospitable land with our products.

There is hardly a better place to feel the warmth, comfort and connection to sunny days that our DelmarTE tea gives people. We are filled with joyful anticipation and curiosity whether the taste of our specialty coffees will change in the extreme conditions of Antarctic cold. And what it’s like to drink DABOV Specialty Coffee in the company of penguins.

We will be waiting for the impressions of our brave participants of the expedition and we will keep you informed about everything that happens there.

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