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Foundation „The Kids of Dabov for the Kids of Bulgaria“

Because children are our future

We established our foundation “The Kids of DABOV for the Kids of Bulgaria” in 2018 in our desire to contribute to the well-being of Bulgarian children with various charitable projects. Children are the future of our country and we must cultivate our future today.

Here is a list of our charity events:

Box with a cause - 2023

This year we have created a cause box that can be purchased in all our stores as well as online. BGN 10 from each sale of our "Children's box" is divided equally as donations for Stefcho and Georgi, who need treatment abroad in order to have the opportunity to live a fulfilling life. In addition, we also organized an action at the 78th SU Hristo Smirnenski, where children could join the cause by purchasing the children's book "Wonderful Tales". We managed to collect BGN 730, which we divided equally between the two children.

Charity Christmas Bazaar 2021

Every year we at Dabov Specialty Coffee organize a charity bazaar, through which we collect funds for our chosen charity cause. In December 2022, our charity Christmas bazaar took place, through which we managed to collect funds, which we donated to three children in need of treatment abroad. From the end of November 2022. until the end of the year, everyone wishing to support our charitable cause had the opportunity to choose a gift to make their loved one happy, as well as to help children in need. The children of DABOV Specialty Coffee employees made greeting Christmas cards that were available in all our stores. We managed to collect a total of BGN 2,310.43, which we distributed equally between three children in need of treatment in Turkey. These are Moni, Bela, and Borislav.

International Children’s Day – 1 June 2022

In 2022, we have decided to celebrate the International Children’s Day – June 1, with a special gift for our children – a truly “Marvelous Box“. While choosing a gift for your child for their special day, you also help two children in need. From each box we donate BGN 10 for the treatment of Radost, age 7 and Ivayla, age 9, from Pernik. Both need active rehabilitation, which can be carried out in a hospital outside Bulgaria. We will distribute the proceeds equally between the two children. We will add to the proceeds from “Marvelous Box” the proceeds from the sales of our children’s book “Marvelous Fairy Tales” from our event Children’s literary reading on the occasion of the International Children’s Book Day.

Martenitza for a good cause 2022

Together again – the children of DABOV Specialty Coffee`s employees and everyone who bought martenitsas made by those children, gave hope to two young heroes, Simona and Victor. The amount collected from our Martenitzas charity bazaar amounts to BGN 1,200 and is distributed equally between Simona Parusheva from Provadia and Viktor Dimov from Varna, who need medical treatment abroad.

Charity Christmas Bazaar 2021

In 2021, we continued our charity Christmas events tradition. From November 29, 2021 until the end of the year in our two locations in Sofia, everyone could support our initiative by choosing a gift for their loved ones and thus donating part of the sell price for people in need. Handmade Christmas souvenirs and art objects donated by our friends and cards made by the children of DABOV employees delighted dozens of people, and the collected funds worth BGN 1,610 were divided into two equal parts between two children in need of expensive medical treatment outside Bulgaria. These are Velizara, 8, from Vidin and Emel, 9, from Pleven. This year we also supported the single mother Gergana Tomova, who takes care of her boy with Autism by including her paintings in the bazaar.

Martenitza for a good cause 2021

In February 2020, Dabov Specialty Coffee’s workers’ children made martenitzi which were displayed in our two saloons in Sofia. The hand-made traditional Bulgarian souvenirs were without a price but anyone who wished to contribute to our cause, had the chance to buy one. The proceeds amounted to BGN 584,90 and were donated to the medical treatment of Yoanna, 1 y.o. from Haskovo.

Charity Christmas Bazaar 2020

Our charity Christmas bazaar 2020 took place between 1 and 31 December 2020 in our two Sofia saloons. During the bazaar, handmade Christmas souvenirs and other artifacts our fans have personally created, were sold. The proceeds from all sales were divided into three equal parts between three children that needed medical treatment outside Bulgaria. Those children were Nelis, 2 y.o. from Veliko Tarnovo, Vasi, 6 y.o. from Kardzhali and Angel from Shumen. And we can announce that each child received BGN 700. We strongly hope that this contributed to improving their health.

Charity Christmas Bazaar 2019

On December 22nd, our Charity Christmas Bazaar took place in our showroom. We displayed and sold handcrafted art objects made by our friends and fans and also Christmas cards hand-made by the children of DABOV Specialty Coffee employees. The items that were not sold during the Bazaar, remained in our showroom and eventually found their owners by the end of that year. Thanks to the generosity of anyone who bought an item or a card, we were able to gather BGN 750 per child from our campaign. These were Bojidara, 4 y.o. from Plovdiv, Crisco, 12 y.o. from Bankya and Jordan, 1,9 y.o. from Radomir. All of them needed expensive treatment abroad that their families could not afford. The good news is that Crisco has already gathered all the money necessary for his treatment! Hopefully we will recieve good news for the other two children.

Charity Christmas Bazaar 2018

Our first Charity Christmas Bazaar was held on December 8, 9, 15 and 16, 2018 in our showroom in Sofia with some of our most intriguing products at special prices. And we didn’t mean just coffee! The children of the employees of DABOV Specialty coffee participated in the workshop “The Kids of DABOV for the Kids of Bulgaria” on December 1, 2018 and hand-made their Christmas cards. Those cards were also sold during the bazaar. All proceeds from sales amounting to BGN 3,000, were distributed in four amounts equally among four sick children in need of medical treatment.