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Introducing our new DABOV SPECIALTY COFFEE pods

Time flies fast and our daily lives become more hectic. That’s why everyone strives for convenience and efficiency in their routine activities. At DABOV Specialty Coffee, we understand this need and have created our new coffee pods, combining the high quality of specialty coffee with the ease and speed of preparation. Whether you need a refreshing espresso to start your day or seek a moment of tranquility and enjoyment in your busy schedule, our coffee pods are the perfect solution. From the refined fruity notes of Ethiopia to the rich chocolate and nutty flavors of Brazil, as well as a delicate decaf option, we offer you a unique coffee experience that seamlessly fits into your dynamic lifestyle.


Our new coffee pods for coffee machines are designed with you – true coffee connoisseurs and nature lovers – in mind. Each sachet is made from 100% biodegradable materials that can be buried or placed in a pot, thus enriching the soil with the nitrogen contained in the ground coffee. 


We present to you three wonderful flavors that will satisfy fans of fruity, chocolate and sweet notes in coffee. Our pods are named after Ethiopia – the birthplace of coffee, known for its high altitudes that define the pleasant acidity of the coffee, and Brazil – one of the most prestigious coffee-growing regions, characterized by its fertile lands and favorable climatic conditions.


Our specialty coffee pods from Ethiopia will enchant you with the delicate sweetness and pronounced pleasant acidity characteristic of the Yirgacheffe region. Grown at high altitudes and under the sunny rays of Ethiopia, this coffee combines refined fruity notes that reveal the rich history and traditions of the region.


The coffee pods from Brazil offer the rich chocolate and nutty notes characteristic of coffee from the Sul de Minas region. Produced with care by the Cambraia family, this coffee stands out with its smooth and balanced body, making it an ideal choice for a morning espresso.


For coffee lovers who want to enjoy the rich flavor without the caffeine, we offer our decaf pods, LATE NIGHT DECAF. Preserving the intense flavor notes of dark chocolate, caramel, and roasted hazelnuts, this coffee is perfect for late evenings or peaceful moments during the day.


Easy and Quick Preparation: Simply place the pod in the coffee machine, press the button, and enjoy the perfect espresso or lungo within seconds. No pre-measuring, grinding, cleaning, or any preparation needed.

Eco-Friendly: We use only 100% biodegradable and recyclable materials for our pods and packaging, reducing our environmental footprint and supporting sustainable development.

High-Quality Coffee Beans: Each pod contains only the finest specialty coffee beans, carefully selected and processed to offer you a memorable rich and full-bodied flavor.

Enjoy the rich aroma and taste of our new specialty coffee pods – Ethiopia, Brazil, and decaf LATE NIGHT DECAF. Discover the convenience and pleasure of perfectly prepared coffee, without compromising on quality and flavor. Try them today and immerse yourself in the blend of delightful flavors.

Спешълти кафе дози Brazil от DABOV Specialty Coffee

Specialty coffee pods

Спешълти кафе дози Ethiopia by DABOV Specialty Coffee

Specialty coffee pods

Спешълти кафе дози Late Night Decaf by DABOV Specialty Coffee

Specialty coffee pads Late Night Decaf

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