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Which Flavor Do You Prefer?

How to choose your DABOV Specialty Coffee

For 13 years now we have been offering you the world’s best specialty coffees. We have created not one label but five and with different colors, to differentiate them and to help you choose your preferable flavor.

Brown Label – chocolate, traditional taste and more

We have selected coffees with predominantly chocolaty taste and coffees with flavor that most people like and recognize as typical coffee taste. Coffees that come under our Brown Label, are great for espresso, cezve, stove top – those coffee appliances that most Bulgarians have at home and brew coffee in.

See all coffees with chocolaty and traditional coffee taste here.

Red Label – fruity, sweet, sparkling acidity

Red Label comes with sweet and fruity coffees that bloom when prepared as espresso, with predominanty fruity flavor and aroma. They are also very, very sweet. They are very tasty when you prepare them with different brewing methods, but they are also splendid when you prepare them as espresso, in stove top or in cezve. However, some may find their taste surprisingly different from traditional coffee taste. If you are looking for chocolaty taste, similar to the mass coffee taste, you will be caught off-guard and may even think this coffee is “sour”.

In order to start appreciating our Red Label you should make the transition from mass coffee taste to specialty coffee taste by starting with our Brown Label.

And here you can see our coffees with fruity and fresh notes in the flavor.

Black Label – balanced, sophisticated taste, competitions awards worthy

We select for our Black Label coffees with extremely balanced taste – you can find chocolaty notes elegantly mixed with fruity notes. Among them, there are coffees that would have surely reached the finals of any world class specialty coffee competition had they participated in them. Jordan Dabov, who is our coffee hunter and also a COE juror, decides which coffee is worthy of awards and this way chooses the coffees for our Black Label.

See here all our coffees with elegant chocolaty – fruity taste.

Golden Label – exceptional coffees, surprising taste, unique experience

In 2019, we elevated the exclusivity level of our coffees by adding a Golden Label.

Golden Label is for extremely exceptional coffees with unique way of cultivating and processing which results in unique taste. This coffee category will have fewer fans because it offers taste that is absolutely non-coffee like. We have gathered here Geishas or anaerobic coffees that have quite a speciffic taste – in most cases with exotic fruits flavor notes such as lychee, papaya, mango and strong exotic fruits aromas. Exceptional coffees, strictly not everyday coffees – however, at least once a week you can treat yourself with such an experience.

Their quantities are limited, sometimes to 5-10 kgs green coffee. That is why, we suggest you taste any of our Golden Label coffees as soon as we launch them because we have no guarantees how quickly it will be sold out. This is not your everyday cup of coffee – even if you can afford it, it comes in limited quantities.

Among our Golden Label coffee, there are Cup оf Excellence finalists. Jordan Dabov, who is our coffee hunter and also a COE juror, decides which coffee is worthy of awards and this way chooses the coffees for our Black Label. We always have a COE coffee in our catalog and until today, we have offered you 10 exceptional coffees from different countries.

Platinum Label – best coffees in the world, Cup of Excellence winners

Platinum Label is our newest category. We had to create it in 2019, when we bought the best coffee in the world (according to Cup оf Excellence). This coffee is Honduras Santa Lucia Geisha СОЕ #1 2019, which won the first position in the СОЕ competition in the Central American country. Jordan Dabov was part of the jury in the COE Honduras 2019 and shared with us that some of the jurors have given this coffee 97 out of 100 points, and one of the first and most respected COE jurors, Kentaru Maruyama, has rated it with 100 points. This is unprecedented result that no coffee has ever achieved before in the history of COE.

We from DABOV Specialty Coffee, along with 3 companies from Asia and the USA, have managed to split a box of this unique coffee. Then came the question which category is good enough for this coffee. That is why we have created a brand new category – for СОЕ winners only. And right after that we have secured the 1st place from СОЕ PeruPeru La Lucuma СОЕ #1 2019, that obviously our fans found it so tasty, it’s already out of stock!

We are looking forward to giving you the pleasure to taste more such coffees.

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