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Martenichki with a cause – charity and tradition

Martenichki with cause 2023

On 13.02.2023 the third annual charity bazaar will be opened. The children of the colleagues in the Dabov Special Coffee family entangle wonderful martenitsi made with a lot of love.

The funds collected from the bazaar are donated to children who need treatment.

We will be waiting for you in our showrooms from 13.02.2023 to help together.

Here are which children we chose to help this year:

The first child we will support this year is Dalia Rizova from Montana. She suffers from childhood cerebral palsy and needs rehabilitation to be done in Slovakia: Помогни на Дали | Sofia | Facebook 

The second child is Maria-Antoaneta Trendafilova. She is diagnosed with spina-bifida. There is plastic placed on the spine, but she cannot walk. After consultation, doctors in Turkey give the family hope that Maria-Antoinet will walk: Нека помогнем на Мария да проходи

Martenichki with a cause is a charity initiative by  Фондация „Децата на Дъбов за децата на България“,Established in 2018 in our desire to contribute to the well -being of Bulgarian children. Martenitsi with cause – traditions and charity

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