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Our Farmes

Farmers from the DABOV Specialty Coffee family

The coffees that our coffee hunter Jordan Dabov chooses for you are produced by farmers who follow the path of sustainable development in their farms. Most of them are among the best farmers in their country. They love coffee. They live with coffee.

Their world is not the world of quick, easy and secure profits made with the expense of good quality. They consider the green coffee beans their golden treasure. And they methodically go through all the steps from planting to processing the crop and having as a result specialty coffee – which makes only 5% of the coffee production worldwide.

Here we will introduce you to all farmers who we proudly call the Dabov Specialty Coffee family.

Marysabel Caballero from Honduras

Marysabel Caballero is a hereditary coffee farmer and owner of the specialty coffee farm Finca El Puente in Honduras with her husband Moises Herrera. In 2016, the two won 1st place in Cup of Excellence Honduras. Dabov Specialty Coffee is one of the few roasters in the world to whom Marysabel and Moises entrust their coffees.

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Dariush Echeverria from Guatemala

Dariush Echeverria is a fifth generation coffee farmer. The Santa Rita farm was founded in the 1870s by Dariush’s great-great-great-grandfather. Today it proudly produces specialty coffee with numerous international certificates for organic production and environmental protection.

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Farmers from Gems of Araku Competition in India

The Small Farmer Organic Cooperative Society (SAMTFMACS) in the Araku Valley, India today has 10,500 farmers. The producers of the best quality coffee from those farmers participate in the specialty coffee competition Gems of Araku. We have been offering you competition coffee since 2020.

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Renato Ishikawa from Brazil

Renato Ishikawa is a son of Japanese emigrants in Brasil. After he bought Fazenda Alianca in 1996, he has transformed in into a specialty coffee haven in Mogiana region of the state of Sao Paulo.

Learn more about Renato Ishikawa from our special page dedicated to him here!

Gabriela Hueck from Nicaragua

Gabriela Hueck is the head of the quality control in Finca La Virgen, the winner of the 6th place at Cup Of Excellence Nicaragua 2018. The farm has been producing for years some of the finest coffees in Nicaragua following the model of sustainable development and trying to improve their quality of life by giving houses to permament workers, maintaining equal pay for men and women, providing workers and their families with free education and healthcare.

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Enrique Diaz Cambraia

Enrique Diaz Cambraia is the owner of Fazenda Samambaia and representative of the fourth generation of the Cambraia family, long-time producers of specialty coffee.

Enrique’s coffee has repeatedly won awards in the international Cup of Excellence competition, the most important competition in the world of specialty coffee, the prizes of which are a huge reward for the work of each farmer. Thanks to his hard work and the passion of his entire team, Fazenda Samambaia managed to win a place at the top for two years in a row (2000 and 2001) and also in 2014.

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