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Cold Brew Machines

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A fast cold brew maker that extracts 4 liters of beverage out of coffee, tea and herbs in an hour.

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The Baby HardTank is a cold brew maker.
Winner of SCA Best New Product award 2021, the Baby HardTank extracts 4 liters of beverage out of coffee, tea and herbs in an hour.
It is able to produce up to 30 liters per day, the smaller capacity allows for experimentation with new

The product is designed for coffee shops, bars, restaurants and domestic uses.
It’s versatile and relatively small in size, which makes it easy to use. 
It has an automatic cleaning program and cleaning products also can be used, which guarantees stability and safety throughout the process of preparing your beverage.
It also reduces the consumption of water. 
The Baby HardTank can be controlled from the touchscreen option on it, or through the mobile app.
You can save different recipes for your beverages. 
Technical details: Daily output – 32 liters  Extraction chamber capacity – 6 liters  Dimensions – 340 x 340 x 490 mm. Weight – 17 kg Drain – drain pump Learn more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fgvZrbCAVAk


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