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Кафе Етиопия Нeнсебо Washed от Dabov Specialty Coffee

Coffee beans Ethiopia Nensebo Washed

Coffee with a fruit flavor

We can grind your coffee to fit your coffee equipment. 

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Caramel and blueberries fill your cup of special coffee with sweet energy!

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Coffee Ethiopia Nensebo combines notes of caramel and blueberries.
Aftertaste: sweet
Fullness: medium body
Type: 100% Arabica

Why we chose Ethiopia Nensebo?

Coffee Ethiopia Nensebo will conquer you with its unique taste and enchanting aroma. Processing is natural. The coffee cherries are hand-picked and dried under the rays of the African sun.

 The Taste of Ethiopia Nensebo:

Caramel and blueberries fill your cup of special coffee with sweet energy!

Best brew?

V60 and espresso

Where does it come from?

This coffee is grown in the Sidamo region. Fruit is in the care of small farmers.

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Heirloom is an exceptional variety of coffee that lives only in Ethiopia. According to the Oxford Dictionary, “Heirloom” means a valuable item that belongs to the family and is passed down through the generations. In the coffee world, the term is used to refer to varieties that live in a certain area and develop over generations. These exotic and rare varieties are an exciting opportunity to try new flavors. Ethiopian Heirloom has a floral and fruity flavor profile, but specific characteristics vary greatly from region to region. In some Ethiopian regions, the coffees are very fruity, with notes of berries and jam, while in others they are more colorful, with a strong apricot aroma.

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