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Спешълти кафе HONDURAS GEISHA 1 от Dabov Specialty Coffee

Specialty coffee Honduras Geisha 1

Coffee with a chocolate and fruit flavor

We can grind your coffee to fit your coffee equipment. 

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WITH FLAVOR NOTES OF JASMINE | PEACH | PINEAPLLE A sweet combination of jasmine, peach and pineapple that you will fall in love with.

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Coffee Honduras Geisha 1 has notes of jasmine, peach and pineapple.
Full body: Dense body
Type: 100% Arabica

Why did we choose it?

Coffee Honduras Geisha 1  is grown by our farmers Marisabel Cabayero and Moises Herrera from Honduras. This coffee is the result of the many years of experience and dedication these farmers have put into growing coffee in the Chinacla region. The altitude of 1,550 meters above sea level plays a key role in achieving the unique flavor profile of this coffee. The climatic conditions of the area, combined with the lower temperatures and stable variations in them, create ideal conditions for specialty coffee with a rich and complex taste.

The taste:

The taste of this special coffee is simply unique. You will enjoy an aromatic profile with hints of jasmine, peach and pineapple, complemented by delicate acidity and a rich body. The characteristic of this coffee is that with each subsequent sip you will discover new nuances of taste notes.

Best Brew?

We recommend preparing this special coffee in a cezve, as an espresso or on a filter.

Where does it come from?

Coffee growers Marisabel Cabayero and Moises Herrera’s farm in Honduras is an impressive example of dedication and passion in coffee growing. Their efforts and farming practices have enabled the production of exceptional quality coffee and have attracted the attention of coffee lovers from around the world. Marisabel and Moises were inspired by the rich coffee tradition in Honduras and dedicated themselves to building a modern and environmentally sustainable farm.

Marisabel Cabayero and Moises Herrera’s farm not only grows high-quality coffee, but also maintains interaction with the local community. They provide jobs and support for local residents, creating sustainable partnerships and development opportunities. This is not just specialty coffee, but coffee with a cause that helps develop their community.

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