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Спешълти ккафе PANAMA LA GLORIA ESTATE от Dabov Specialty Coffee

Specialty coffee Panama La Gloria Estate

Coffee with a fruit flavor

We can grind your coffee to fit your coffee equipment. 

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Coffee beans Panama La Gloria Estate - the perfect taste of caramel and tropical fruits.

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Panama LA GLORIA ESTATE coffee has an incredible taste of caramel and tropical fruits.

Type: 100% Arabica

Why Coffee beans Panama LA GLORIA ESTATE?

Coffee beans Panama La Gloria Estate will amaze you with its tasty notes of caramel and tropical fruits.


Why we chose it?

The geographical location of Panama has suitable climatic conditions. They have been proven to be ideal for coffee production, despite the high altitude. La Gloria Estate is located at the foot of Baru Volcano and Horketa Mountain. Right between the two regions where the specialty Panamanian coffee is grown.

The taste:

The taste of Panamanian coffee is often described as clean, well-balanced and delicate. Coffee beans Panama LA GLORIA ESTATE has a delicate caramel in the incredible combination with the freshness that gives the aromas of tropical fruits.

Best brew?

If you brew the coffee by using the filtration V60 method, you will enjoy the soft and balanced taste of caramel and tropical fruits. If you prefer a strong and intense taste, then we recommend to make an espresso or stove top.

Where does it come from?

The farm is located in the mountainous regions of Bouquet, a town known for the quality of its specialty coffee. It is grown by farmer Norberto Suarez, taking incredible care of every single coffee bean.

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Coffee beans Panama La Gloria Estate is mixed Catuai with Caturra variety. Catuai coffee is known for its high quality. It is distinguished by its complex taste – sweetness and acidity, which complement each other.  It has a light to medium body. Caturra coffee is a natural mutation of the Bourbon variety. Caturra is known for its acidity, combined with citrus taste notes and sweetness from the Bourbon.

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