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Кафе кутия "Плодова свежест" by Dabov Specialty Coffee

Coffee Box “Fruit Freshness”

55.00 лв.

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Coffee Beans Kenya Thuti 200g + Coffee Beans Ethiopia Nensebo 200g + Coffee Beans Honduras Caballero 200g

Fruit freshness from Kenya, Ethiopia and Honduras come to your cup of specialty coffee!

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The Coffee Box “Fruit Freshness” includes 3 x 200g specialty coffees with fruit flavor.
All three coffees are 100% Arabica and come from Kenya, Ethiopia and Honduras.

Coffee Beans Kenya Тhuti surprises with a balanced flavor between chocolate and fruits, Coffee Beans Ethiopia by Dabov is like a mouthful of blueberries and caramel, and Coffee Beans Panama La Gloria Estate combine freshness of tropical fruits and mint.

The Box includes:

1 x Coffee Beans Kenya  Thuti 200g – dark chocolate, almond, grapefruit, caramel (€14.10)

1 x Coffee Beans Ethiopia by Dabov 200g – blueberry, caramel (€11.00)

1 x Coffee Beans Panama La Gloria Estate 200g – mango, banana, mint, ice cream (€10.65)

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