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Coffee Challenge Dabov Coffee Tour


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A game that challenges coffee lovers who love discovering different coffee flavors.
A great gift for any coffee drinker and wants to enjoy a unique coffee experience.
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Whom is it for For anyone who wants to challenge themselves with a coffee tasting and spend a pleasant Sunday while learning something new.
A great gift for coffee lovers who want to learn something new and diversify Sunday.

When Every Sunday – starting at 10:00 am, finishing at 4:00 pm You can start whenever you want, but you have to finish by 4 pm.

Language Bulgarian
Program In the three Dabov Specialty Coffee shops, which are located in Sofia: 58, Lyuben Karavelov Street 1 Hristo Botev Blvd.
(Five Corners) 28, Angel Kanchev Str You can start your coffee challenge in any of the three shops, but you have to go through all three during the day.
Each week the challenge is different, so it is not possible to finish next Sunday.

How do you play In this game we challenge you to name one coffee among several, tasting it through different methods of preparation.
For this purpose you should visit each of our three shops in Sofia, where you will taste one specialty coffee, brewed in front of your eyes in a certain method, and in each shop the coffee device will be different.
You will have the opportunity to taste it and record your observations in a special Cupping Diary.
In each of the three shops, our baristas will provide you with useful information about the coffee with a hidden joker which one it could be.
At the end of each tour you have to guess which coffee you tasted and give your answer to the barista.
And one of the participants will win our grand prize!

Prize Of course, there is a prize for every challenge.
A winner will be chosen from the names of all participants who gave a correct answer during the month through a raffle.
Brewing Training or Espressology Training – you can choose one of the two courses, depending on how you prefer to brew your coffee at home and what skills you wish to acquire.

Prize winner draw First Monday of the month, after the last Dabov Coffee Tour from the previous month, we will announce the winner on Facebook and Instagram.
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How to buy a ticket Online or at any of our shops in Sofia For more information: tel.
(+359) 882 00 08 40 or at [email protected].
The voucher can be used within 1 year of purchase.
  You can find updated information on our Facebook page, Instagram profile, on our website and in our newsletter (only in Bulgarian).
If you haven’t signed up for our newsletter (only in Bulgarian!) – do it now.

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