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Кафе предизвикателство DABOV Coffee Tour от DABOV Specialty Coffee

Coffee Challenge Dabov Coffee Tour


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A game that challenges coffee lovers who love discovering different coffee flavors.
A great gift for any coffee drinker and wants to enjoy a unique coffee experience.
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Embark on a unique and exciting adventure in the world of coffee. Enter the role of a coffee seeker and discover the answer to the mystery we have prepared for you.

The coffee challenge “Coffee tour” is suitable for anyone who is curious to learn more about the world of specialty coffee and to take on the role of a coffee seeker and taster.

This is a great gift idea both for yourself and for anyone who wants to diversify their Sunday with something different and interesting. During the challenge you will taste under the guidance of our experienced baristas.

Discover unique taste notes with world-class coffees.

What is it?

A game in which we challenge you to find one coffee among several, tasting it through different preparation methods, as well as “interrogations” you have to conduct with our baristas to determine which is the coffee you are tasting.

To do this, you must visit three of our locations in Sofia, where you will taste a special coffee, prepared before your eyes in a certain way, and in each store the preparation device will be different.

You will have the opportunity to taste it and record your observations in a special Tasting Journal that will be provided to you.

At each of the three places, our baristas will also provide you with useful information about the coffee, which will hide a joker, which could be it.

At the end of each tour, you must make your guess as to which coffee you tasted and submit your answer to the barista.

And one of the guessers will also win our big prize!


And the big prize is – Barista Training Course or Espressology Training Course – you can choose one of the two courses, depending on how you prefer to prepare your coffee at home and what skills to acquire.

Monthly winner draw

Through a monthly raffle, a winner will be chosen from among the names of all who answered correctly during the past month’s tours.

On the first Monday of each month, after the last Dabov Coffee Tour for the previous month, we will announce the winner on our social media accounts Facebook and Instagram.


You must visit the following three sites of DABOV Specialty Coffee, which are located in Sofia at the following locations:

58 Lyuben Karavelov Street, Sofia

1 “Hristo Botev” Blvd., Sofia

28 Angel Kanchev St., Sofia

You can start your coffee challenge at any of the three locations, but you must go through all three within the day.

Each week the challenge is different, so it is not possible to finish next Sunday.

At the very first site you visit, you will receive a tasting journal in which to keep your notes. You will also receive a survey card in which you must indicate what you think the tasting coffee is. In addition to all this, you also have a map with the sites you must visit. Enjoy the adventure! In each of the sites, the coffee will be prepared differently and our baristas will provide guidance on what the coffee is. You keep notes in the Cupping Diary and at the last site you visit, you leave your survey completed.


Every Sunday – start time: 10:00 a.m., end time: 4:00 p.m.

You can start whenever you like, but you must finish by 4pm.

Follow us!

We guarantee that during each coffee tour, you will really have fun, try special coffee and learn interesting information about the origin and methods of preparation of the world’s favorite drink.

Reserve your place now and treat yourself to a taste experience like no other!

How to sign up: Buy your ticket online through our website or at any of our locations and start your challenge now.

You have the right to change or cancel an already made reservation with us with a 7-day notice before the date of the training or tasting. In the event of non-compliance with these cancellation or no-show conditions, the voucher is deemed to have been used.

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