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Ръчна Кафемелачка Etzinger Etz-I/EtzMaxРъчна Кафемелачка Etzinger Etz-I/EtzMax
  • Ръчна Кафемелачка Etzinger Etz-I/EtzMax
  • Ръчна Кафемелачка Etzinger Etz-I/EtzMax

Handgrinder Trim Etzinger Etz-I / EtzMax

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564.00 лв.

Manual coffee grinder designed for customers who prefer the taste and aroma of freshly grounded coffee beans

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Discover the superior taste of freshly ground coffee beans with the Etzinger Etz-I/EtzMax Manual Coffee Grinder. This manual coffee grinder is the best solution for any true coffee lover who wants to enjoy perfectly ground coffee in the comfort of their own home.

Etzinger Etz-I/EtzMax coffee grinder is created with masterful attention to detail. Made of high-quality materials, this coffee grinder offers unsurpassed quality and long-lasting use. It features a precise and adjustable ceramic grinder that guarantees consistency of grinding and accuracy of setting. This gives you the opportunity to adjust the grind according to your preferences – from coarse to fine – and enjoy perfectly brewed coffee exactly to your desired taste.

With its multi-level settings and extreme precision, the Etzinger Etz-I/EtzMax Manual Coffee Grinder gives you full control over the coffee grinding process. Whether you are preparing espresso, cappuccino or French press, you can be sure that you will achieve optimal results and enjoy coffee with an exceptional aroma and taste. It is also an ideal choice for travelers who cannot give up their favorite coffee grinder while on the road. It opens with a flick of the hand, cleans quickly and reassembles without any tools or screws.

Discover the extraordinary world of coffee with the Etzinger Etz-I/EtzMax Manual Coffee Grinder. Its elegance, functionality and quality are a guarantee of an unforgettable coffee experience that will satisfy even your most refined taste desires.

Rotating ring / fixed cone cutter – a combination directly related to the adjustment

– Retractable crank (125mm when removed)
– Ergonomic handle: Only 3 fingers (use the corresponding recesses)
– Axleless (rotating hollow shafts)
– Easy counterclockwise rotation
– External adjustment (88 settings of 0.02 mm)
– Quick cleaning, opening (with a flick of the wrist) and reassembly
– Anti-static stand
– Perfectly cutting 32mm cutters for smooth sanding with minimal fines

Dabov Specialty Coffee is the official importer and partner of Etzinger for Bulgaria.

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