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Спешълти кафе Indonesia Dr. Hamdan COE #10 2022

Green specialty coffee beans Indonesia Dr. Hamdan COE #10 2022

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Enjoy green coffee beans that you can roast and prepare according to your wishes or the wishes of your customers

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About the coffee:

The competition coffee from Indonesia won #10 in the Cup Of Excellence 2022 competition.
Notes: dark chocolate, orange and peach
Process: carbonic maceration
Farmer: Dr. Hamdan

Why did we choose it?

This coffee won #10 in the international COE competition in 2022. This success proves the high quality of the coffee produced by our farmers. The reason we chose it is its unique taste, its success in the Cup Of Excellence competition, and the process of its processing, namely carbonic maceration with honey, which gives an additional nuance to the taste.

The taste:

Coffee Indonesia Hamdan COE #10 2022 is characterized by aromas of orange, and peach and complemented by nuances of dark chocolate. The coffee is carefully harvested and processed using the carbonic maceration method, resulting in coffee with a complex aroma and flavor profile.

Best brew?

We recommend preparing it in cezve, filter, or espresso. If you brew coffee Indonesia Hamdan COE #10 2022 on a filter, you will feel more strongly the moderate balance between the flavor notes. If you choose to make an espresso, you will enjoy an intense and full-bodied taste.

Where does it come from?

Coffee Indonesia Hamdan COE #10 2022 is grown at Ceding Ayu Farm, which is located in Pantan Musara Village, Sumatra, Indonesia. The area in this area allows coffee to be grown at an altitude ranging from 1,640 to 1,800 meters above sea level, which accounts for the known level of acidity.

Subscription for coffee of the month:

Subscribe to Coffee of the Month – We always choose specialty coffees. The goal is to try all our coffees and discover your taste. Subscribe to Coffee of the Month and you will have the opportunity to try 12 of our specialty coffees. When you buy your first subscription, you get a gift from us.


The determination of coffee varieties Indonesia Hamdan COE #10 2022 is an interesting combination of some of the best varieties, namely Ateng (40%), Tupika (20%), Katura (20%) and P-88 (20%).

About the green coffee:

You can enjoy Indonesia Hamdan COE #10 2022 green coffee, which you can buy and roast as you wish.

Yordan Dubov, our passionate coffee seeker, has personally selected this competition coffee, which takes 10th place in the prestigious Cup of Excellence competition. This is the result of an impeccable selection of the best quality beans that will bring a piece of Indonesia directly into your glass.

We offer you more than just coffee – if you wish, we can roast this exceptional product exactly according to your wishes or offer you our best recommendation for the best taste.

Discover the pleasure of the refined taste of the specialty green coffee Indonesia Hamdan COE #10 2022 from DABOV Specialty Coffee.

For bulk orders and more information, please feel free to contact us!

The price is for a weight of 1 kg.

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