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HardTank All-In-One

Cold Brew Machines

33,500.00 лв.

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HardTank All-In-One is a fast cold brew maker and nitro cold brew dispenser with a single tap. It is a quick and efficient cold brew production method.

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Designed for professional use and production of the highest quality cold brew
Efficiency- 250 liters per day = 1000 portions, which you can serve while producing more with HardTank. Speed – Patented technology lets you extract over 22% within 45 minutes. Shelf life – Short extraction in a closed container eliminates oxidation risk and increases shelf life. Durability – Modular design and highest quality food-grade materials result in a machine that can work flawlessly for decades.
If anything gets broken, replacement of each and every element is a child’s play.
Hygiene – An automatic cleaning program and dedicated cleaning products guarantee stability and safety throughout the production process, while also significantly reducing labor cost and water consumption.   All-In-One set includes: – large basket – 18l keg x2 – flow chiller – stout tap – nitrogen regulator – connection cables   Technical details: – Daily output – 250 l – Extraction chamber capacity – 20 l – Filter basket capacity – 1,2 kg – Dimensions – 902 × 830 × 610 mm – Weight – 80/120 kg – Drain – drain pump


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