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Декоратор за капучино мота от DABOV Specialty Coffee

Motta cappuccino decorator

Barista Tools

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Motta cappuccino decorator
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Introducing a new dimension in the world of cappuccino art – the Motta Cappuccino Decorator by DABOV Specialty Coffee. This innovative tool will turn your coffees into true works of art, bringing unique details and flavors to each cup.

Main characteristics:

  • Precision and ease of use – Our decorator moto is created with the highest quality, which ensures easy and precise use even for novice baristas.
  • Variety of Decorations – Providing a variety of loose shapes and patterns, the decorator enables you to create unique designs on each cappuccino cup.
  • Durability – Made of high-quality materials, our decorator is durable and extremely reliable, ensuring long-lasting use.
  • Easy Cleaning – The specially designed design makes cleaning the decorator easy and quick.

Highlight your creativity and style with the Motta Cappuccino Decorator from DABOV Specialty Coffee. Add exciting visual effects and taste experiences to your coffee and impress your customers and guests with unique creations on every cup.


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