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Мурсалски чай от Родопите – билков чай DelmarTe

Mursala tea from the Rhodopes – herbal tea


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DelmarTe Mursala tea - from the heart of the Rhodopes 

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DelmarTe Mursala tea from the Rhodopes Mountains – herbal tea

Ingredients: green
Caffeine: 0 mg.
Teapackage: loose
Available in: 30 g.
Effect: refreshing

The taste of Mursala tea is extremely harmonious and balanced. By combining various herbs, it offers a unique combination of aromas that awakens the senses and provides real pleasure with every sip. Aged herbs in the Rhodopes add depth and richness of flavor while creating a sense of calm and relaxation and giving you the taste and feel of nature.

Mursala tea is a blend of the finest herbs grown in the unspoiled nature of the Rhodopes – an amazing region known for its wealth of biodiversity. This tea is hand-picked, which allows the selection of only the best herbs that offer unique taste nuances and beneficial effects on the body. The blend contains carefully selected plants known for their valuable properties that tone and refresh the senses.

Its rich aromatic palette and useful properties will impress you and bring you real pleasure with every glass. Be a part of nature and enjoy this unique combination of taste and well-being offered by Mursala tea from the Rhodopes.


  • quantity of tea: 1 teaspoon (about 2 g)
  • quantity of water: 250 ml
  • water t˚: 60-70°С
  • brewing time: 2-3 min.
  • type of brewing: can be re-brewed about 3-4 times

Country of origin: Bulgaria, Rhodope Mountains
Storage: in a dark, dry place away from odors.

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