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Кафе кутия "Ексклузивни кафета" - Копи Лувак и Ямайка Блу Маунтийн by Dabov Specialty Coffee

Coffee Box “Exclusive Coffees” – Kopi Luwak and Jamaica Blue Mountain

79.00 лв.

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Exclusive taste  | 2 packs x 40g

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Exclusive taste  | 2 packs x
The box 2* Exclusive coffees includes:
1 х KOPI LUWAK – Cardamom, tobacco, bodied (64.70 BGN)
1 х JAMAICA BLUE MOUNTAIN – Dark chocolate, hazelnuts, rich, creamy (16.30 BGN)

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The box contains 2 of the rarest specialty coffees in the world which are also highly valued because of their unique taste.
They challenge the perception of anyone who has the chance to taste them.
There is no doubt that if you are a coffee fan, you have heard of Kopi Luwak – the curiously processed coffee beans by Civet cat that are transformed into bodied coffee with a surprising flavor you will never forget.

And have you enjoyed a coffee that “aged” in a barrel? Jamaica Blue Mountain is cultivated following strict rules that deservedly turn it into one of the most expensive Arabica coffees in the world.

One gulp of it is enough to convince you why is it so.

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