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Set more than 1 coffee a day

Set “More Than 1 Coffee A Day” – 2 Coffees + V-60 Dripper + Filters + Thermo Bottle

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Two uniquely tasty coffees that will fill all of your days with a smile, along with V60 coffee dripper + filetrs amd a thermo bottle!
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Two uniquely delicious coffees that will fill your every day with a smile

Your every day can be filled with a smile when you can enjoy more than one cup of special coffee – wherever you are.

We chose House Blend Impressions with a strong and dense body and a gorgeous taste of dark chocolate as a suggestion for your morning coffee.
And in the afternoon we offer you to refresh yourself with Vertigo signature blend with a thick body and an enchanting fruity taste.
We have added the modern and practical filtration device V-60 + filters, with which you will achieve an amazing taste.
And so that you can enjoy these coffees wherever you are, we have also added a wonderful Thermo bottle from Hario! The box includes:

1 x House Blend Impressions – classic Italian style, strong body, bittersweet BGN 18.80.

1 x Vertigo Signature Blend – mango, berries, chocolate, almond BGN 18.20.

1 x Coffee Dripper V60 – BGN 14.60

1 x Bleached filters for V-60 – size 2 cups – BGN 9.40

1 x Hario thermal bottle – black 350 ml – BGN 58.00

The set is at a special price!

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