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Кафе на месеца - Кафето на Бенковски

Benkovski’s coffee – in support of the movie “Memoir of a betrayal”

Coffee with a chocolate and fruit flavor

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A revolutionary combination of toffee, biscuits, cocoa liquor, and hazelnut that you will fall in love with.

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We present the first coffee blend inspired by history and a movie – BENKOVSKI’S COFFEE

About the coffee:

…and the black coffee went cup after cup.
“If it’s not that, I don’t know what I’m going to do,” he added.

“He” is Georgi Benkovski. The author of the note is Zahari Stoyanov. The story of our struggle for freedom transformed into the new film of our great director and screenwriter Georgi Dyulgerov “Notes on a Betrayal”.

Inspired by this small but important highlight of Benkovski’s life – his favorite coffee, we at DABOV created a special blend for the premiere of the film.
This is a limited edition coffee – only 2,500 pieces.

Why did we choose it?

Inspired by the nickname of Georgi Benkovski, we at Dabov Specialty Coffee have created a blend with a revolutionary taste to pay tribute to the great Georgi Benkovski.
Notes: toffee, biscuits, cocoa liquor, and hazelnut

The taste:

It was a big surprise for us to learn that coffee was Benkovski’s favorite drink. Until now, we have known him as a brave, self-sacrificing man who inspired hundreds of people to rise up in revolution. But he was also a real, ordinary person with his habits, such as drinking a lot of coffee. Zahari Stoyanov also writes: Benkovski did not go to sleep. He dozed off for a few minutes in the chair, against his will, and as soon as he awoke, he called the landlady to make coffee. According to grandma Stoykovitsa’s stories, in one night he drank about 20-23 coffees and walked around the room all night…

Best brew:

This coffee must have been strong, certainly prepared in a cezve, as was the order of the time. Real coffee with a revolutionary taste…

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Ten years after the Liberation, Zahari Stoyanov met his traitor, Dyado Valyu, in Georgi Benkovski’s lobby – one of the many with a thirst for freedom, but who failed to overcome themselves and became violators of the principles of loyalty. Learn more about the movie here.

You can find us in Sofia at the following locations:

You can find us in Sofia at the following addresses:
58 Lyuben Karavelov St
28 Angel Kanchev St
1 Hristo Botev Blvd
28V “Samokov” St
192 Vitosha Blvd

and in the city of Varna:
21 “Ivan Vazov” St

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