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Спешълти кафе Бразилия Планалто от DABOV Specialty Coffee

Specialty Coffee Brazil Planalto

Coffee with a fruit flavor

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About the coffee

Introducing a new fruity flavor from Brazil that will captivate you with its exceptional complexity and rich flavor profile. Coffee from the Planalto farm is produced with care and passion and is the result of centuries of coffee-growing traditions.


Why did we choose it?

Our coffee hunter Jordan Dabov chose this coffee from Fazenda Planalto, especially for lovers of fruity notes in coffee. He recommends it as a light afternoon coffee. The sweet notes of tangerine and apricot and the rich, dense body will give you a feeling of freshness.

Where does it come from:

Translated from Portuguese Planalto means high plateau. The name of Fazenda Planalto comes precisely from the characteristics of the relief of the area. Located in one of the most famous and prestigious coffee-growing regions in the world, the Sul de Minas region, the Fazenda Planalto farm benefits from the ideal climate for growing coffee. The good altitude, the mineral-rich soil, and the favorable climate create the perfect environment for the production of specialty coffee. These conditions contribute to the development of complex and balanced flavor notes in the coffee. Fazenda Planalto is an example of the perfect combination of tradition, quality, and sustainability in coffee production. Their dedication to excellence is felt in every sip of coffee they produce.

Its owner, farmer Sergio Montovanini, is a respected and experienced farmer whose passion for coffee and commitment to quality and sustainability make him a leading figure in the world of specialty coffee. His family has been involved in the coffee industry for generations. The natural processing process he uses is carefully controlled. Sergio Montovanini believes in the importance of education and the development of the local community. It invests in the training and development of its employees, providing them with opportunities for professional development and improving working conditions.

The farm is committed to sustainable production, applying innovative methods that minimize environmental impact and support biodiversity. Owners use water management techniques, composting, and crop rotation to maintain soil health and ecosystems. Sustainable practices also include social responsibility towards farm workers, providing them with good working conditions and fair wages. They enjoy a rich social package, including a higher than regional average salary, personal protective equipment, and various trainings.

Best brew

We recommend French press, V-60, and Chemex brewing.
The taste notes of “Brazil Planalto” coffee will be revealed differently depending on the preparation method. We recommend brewing it on a filter (V-60, Chemex) to feel bright and fresh notes of apricot and tangerine.
The coffee has a light and clean body that will highlight the fruity nuances and leave a pleasantly sweet vanilla aftertaste.

With the first sip, you will feel the expressive taste of juicy tangerines, which give the coffee a refreshing citrus note. Then, the palate gradually unfolds with hints of sweet, ripe apricots that add fruity depth and complexity. The finish is soft and smooth, with a delicate hint of vanilla that gives the coffee a pleasant sweetness and balances the entire flavor profile.

With a French press, you will enjoy a denser and richer body with pronounced vanilla and tangerine notes.

Process and variety:

Variety: Yellow Catuai

This variety is a hybrid created by crossing Mundo Novo and Yellow Catuai and is known for its resistance and high grain quality. The name ‘Yellow Catuai’ derives from the characteristic yellow color of the fruit that develops on the coffee trees when they reach full maturity.

Process: Natural

Also known as dry process. The coffee beans are harvested by hand when they are fully ripe and have a bright yellow color. After harvesting, the fruits are spread in a thin layer on drying platforms or “terradios”. There they are left to dry in the sun for a period of 2 to 4 weeks. During this time, the fruit is turned regularly to ensure even drying and prevent rotting. Once the fruits are completely dried, they are peeled to remove the dry pulp and skin, leaving only the green coffee bean. This process imparts sweetness and fruitiness to the coffee beans.

Baking: Medium-Light

To highlight the flavor characteristics of Yellow Catuai, the coffee is roasted to a medium-light level. This type of roasting is ideal for specialty coffees, as it preserves the original taste notes and aromas of the coffee, which are the result of the variety and the processing process.

The taste

Expect fruity notes of apricot and tangerine, combined with aromatic vanilla, which reveal a rich and balanced taste.

This coffee is a perfect choice for those looking for a layered and rich fruit flavor with a medium to full body and a velvety texture.

Each sip is balanced and harmonious, creating a feeling of fullness and completion. The aftertaste is long-lasting and memorable, with lingering notes of vanilla.

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