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Спешълти кафе Мексико Фатима Био Декаф - Безкофеиново от DABOV Specialty Coffee

Specialty Coffee Mexico Fatima Bio Decaf

Coffee with a chocolate flavor

18.80 лв.

We can grind your coffee to fit your coffee equipment. 


A combination of caramel and roasted hazelnuts that will impress you

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About the coffee:

Specialty Coffee Mexico Fatima Bio Decaf
Notes: caramel and roasted hazelnuts
Process: mountain water decaf 

Why we selected it?

Specialty coffee Mexico Fatima Bio Decaf impressed our coffee seeker Jordan Dubov with his innovative method of extracting the caffeine from coffees while preserving the strong flavor notes in every drop of coffee.

The taste:

The coffee’s flavor profile features hints of caramel and roasted hazelnuts – a combination you’ll fall in love with.

Best Brew?

Jordan Dubov recommends this coffee should be prepared as a filter, cezve, or espresso. If you prepare the ground coffee Mexico Fatima Bio Decaf on a filter, you will feel the caramel notes more pronounced. If you choose to make an espresso, you will enjoy an intense and dense taste – a combination of all the notes in the coffee.

Where does it come from?

Specialty coffee Mexico Fatima Bio is grown on the family farm of Ernesto Pérez Orrea – Finca Fatima. Ernesto Pérez Orrea’s family has a rich history that goes hand in hand with the history of Mexican coffee. His great-grandfather, Antonio Pérez Galván, was employed as a coffee merchant by the Arbuckle brothers in the late 19th century, mainly because he was fluent in English and Spanish. Antonio had one daughter, Genoveva, who married Antonio Orrea. Together they founded Orea Machines, a company responsible for helping to industrialize the Mexican coffee industry in the 1950s. The two of them acquired Finca Fatima in the 1970s and later bequeathed it to their children – Ernesto and his sister Livet. Ernesto studied in the USA, where he was inspired by the growing popularity of specialty coffee. Through the Coffee Quality Institute (CQI), he became a licensed Q Grader. Ernesto returns to Veracruz to take over the family farm and coffee processing factory. Just one year after returning and focusing on growing specialty coffee, Finca Fatima has been awarded as a top 10 finalist at Mexico’s Cup of Excellence 2019.

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