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Спешълти кафе дози Brazil от DABOV Specialty Coffee

Specialty coffee pods Brazil

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Discover the perfect taste of Brazilian coffee with our new specialty coffee pods, crafted for true espresso coffee lovers. Enjoy refined flavors and aromas inspired by the rich heritage of Brazil's finest coffee plantations.

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About the coffee

We present to you our new pods of specialty coffee BRAZIL – a temptation from the heart of Brazil that will enchant you with its rich chocolate and nutty notes. Selected from the highest quality coffee beans, grown with care and attention in the ideal conditions of the Sul de Minas region, this coffee will quickly become a favorite choice for every day.


Why we chose it:

Our coffee seeker, Yordan Dabov, chose to introduce Brazil to you through the BRAZIL coffee pods, whose taste embodies notes of sweetness and chocolate, including rich cocoa and nutty notes. These are the result of carefully selected beans and precise roasting, creating a harmonious and balanced flavor.

The BRAZIL coffee pods are for espresso lovers – they have a very balanced, smooth, sweet taste and a full body, which is why we recommend them for morning coffee.

Where it comes from:

For the coffee to be included in the BRAZIL Specialty coffee pods, we trusted the Cambraya family. Since 1896, the Cambraya family has been growing coffee in the Sul de Minas region of Brazil. Fazenda Samambaia, three-time winner of the Cup of Excellence in Brazil (2000, 2001, 2014), is owned by Henrique Cambraya, representing the fourth generation of a coffee-growing family.

Henrique Dias Cambraya attributes the success of his farm to a combination of various factors – the geographic location of the farm, competent technical management of the plantations, his participation in continuous training aimed at farmers based on quality control programs, and most importantly, the motivation of the entire team working on the farm to produce better and better coffee.

How to prepare

Extremely easy and hassle-free preparation of espresso, which will taste excellent.

No need for pre-measuring, grinding, cleaning, or any preparation.

  1. Place the pod in the portafilter;
  2. Start the machine;
  3. When preparing espresso, we recommend achieving 20 ml of finished beverage, and for lungo – 40 ml.

Variety and process:

Variety: Yellow Bourbon

Process: Natural

Roast Level: Medium-dark roast

The taste

In each BRAZIL coffee pod, you will experience the combination of the sweetness of milk chocolate, toffee and biscuit in a dense and full-bodied taste, followed by a sweet aftertaste.

Спешълти кафе дози Brazil от DABOV Specialty Coffee

About the box:

The box contains 12 doses of 100% biodegradable paper pods (can be buried or placed in a flowerpot, enriching the soil with the nitrogen contained in the ground coffee);

Convenient box with a slot at the bottom for easier removal of the pods, making coffee preparation even easier.

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