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Бутилка-термос за студени и горещи напитки - ASOBU - 500 мл. от Dabov Specialty Coffee

Thermos bottle for cold and hot drinks – ASOBU – 500 ml.

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Thermos bottle for cold and hot drinks of a new generation
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Drinking from a stainless steel bottle is definitely the more sustainable and wiser way to go. But… have you ever noticed that something is just a bit off after taking a drink? Does the cold water have just a small sting of a metallic aftertaste? We know you can feel it in your stainless steel coffee mug as well.

That is why we created our PURAMIC line of bottles and mugs. Once you use these ceramic-lined insulated bottles you won’t be able to use a regular stainless steel bottle again. The thermos bottle has an elegant black design complemented by a golden cap.


  • No metal taste
  • Odor Free
  • Easy to Clean
  • Zero Flavor Transfer


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