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Kана за заливане V60 BUONO с контрол на температурата 800 мл. - HARIO

V60 Power Kettle BuonoN with temperature control – HARIO

Barista Tools

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V60 Power Kettle BuonoN with temperature control made of stainless steel filter coffee pot with adjustable temperature for easy use.

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Even a 1℃ difference in temperature changes the taste of drip coffee. With this electric kettle, you can adjust the temperature in 1℃ increments from 50℃ to 96℃ to brew the perfect drip coffee. The heating and keep-warm settings are colour coded so you can see the setting at a glance. The water is kept warm for 15 minutes after heating.
Various safety features are included:

  • heating stops automatically when the kettle is empty to prevent dry boiling
  • the power automatically turns off when the kettle has not been operated for a set amount of time.

Capacity: 800 ml.
Knob of lid, Handle:
      Lid, Kettle body: Stainless steel
      Power supply plate: Polypropylene
Made in China


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