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The Aroma Of Kenya – Five Of the Best Farms, Part of the Othaya Farmers Cooperative Association

Othaya Farmers Cooperative Association – Producer of the finest Kenyan coffee

The Othaya Farmers Association is located about 150 km north of the Kenyan capital Nairobi, in the town of Othaya, Nyeri County. It lies between the heights of Mount Kenya and the Aberdare mountain range, at an altitude of 1828 meters. Othaya Farmers Co-operative Society Limited is one of the largest all-farm certified coffee marketing farms in Kenya. They are producers of world renowned Kenyan Arabica, distinguished by its exceptionally high quality.

The Society was incorporated in 1956 as a coffee marketing society with an initial membership of 250 farmers. It currently has 19 factories with a total membership of 15 000 smallholder farmers. The Othaya Farmers Cooperative Association has coffee nurseries, 19 coffee factories/wet mills and warehouses at each of the wet mills to provide agricultural inputs. The society also has a dry mill that services the 19 coffee factories through funding from the sale of members’ shares. 

Othaya Farmers Cooperative Association is a producer of the highest quality Kenyan coffees. Our coffee farmer, Jordan Dabov, had the pleasure of visiting the farms and mills that are part of the association and selecting for you as many as 5 new specialty coffees from Kenya that impress with their flavor and aroma.

Where do the new Kenyan coffee masterpieces come from?

The Kamoini factory

Kenya Kamoini coffee is sourced from family farms located on the southeastern slopes of the Aberdare mountain range in Nyeri County, Kenya. Farmers deliver the harvested cherries to the Kamoini factory (wet mill) for processing. Cooperative members typically grow about 250 coffee trees on half-acre plots, also planted with bananas, grevilleas and macadamia.

This coffee is one of Jordan Dabov’s favorites, and chose it for its balanced fruity-chocolate flavor. “Kenya Kamoini coffee will enchant you with its intense flavor and delicate notes of wild strawberries, blackberries and raspberries wrapped in smooth milk chocolate,” says Jordan Dаbov about the coffee.

Now you can get this specially selected coffee and enjoy its fascinating taste. In our shop it is available in 200 g and 1 kg packs and can be ground according to your desired preparation method.

The Mahiga Factory

Mount Kenya, located in the central province of Kenya, is the second highest peak on the African continent and is an impressive natural landmark. Nyeri is one of the most famous counties in the central part of the country, next to Mount Kenya. The Mahiga factory is located in this area and has 400 members who actively harvest the crop and deliver it to the processing center. The area is characterized by red volcanic soils, rich in phosphorus and well drained, which are ideal for growing the characteristic Kenyan coffee. 

In this coffee you will taste the sweetness of honey, enriched with the freshness of red apple and finished with the mild sugary taste of toffee. “An exceptional coffee” – in the words of our coffee farmer Jordan Dabov.

The Gatugi Factory

Gatugi is a coffee factory that includes a huge amount of wet mills, 18 in total, dating back to the late 1950s. The Gatugi factory is located at just under 1900 meters above sea level, just along the Ichamama River, which is fed by the Karima Forest above it. The small plots of land on which the farmers cultivate help to carefully grade the cherries, which is perhaps the most critical variable in ensuring the quality of the coffee. 

Specialty Coffee Kenya Gatugi is the perfect combination of flavor notes of green apple, white grape and cane sugar. “Sweet and fresh, as all coffee should be in your daily routine,” says Jordan Dabov and recommends it as a daily cup of coffee.

The Gatuyaini Factory

The coffee at the Gatuyaini factory in Kenya’s Nyeri district is grown in red volcanic soils at high altitudes. Under these growing conditions, the coffee beans develop slowly, becoming very full-bodied and rich in aroma with a classic Kenyan flavor profile – bright and complex aromas. Coffee from the Nyeri region is known as the ‘heart of Black Gold coffee’. 

And as for the coffee they produce – Jordan Dabov says this coffee has captivated him with its balance of chocolate and fruit – sweet and fresh.

Enjoy the divinely sweet combination of milk chocolate and honey notes, enriched with the fresh hints of blueberry.

Githiru Farmers Cooperative Society – limited resources but perfect quality

One of the flavors of Dabov Specialty Coffee’s 2022 selection, Kenya Githiru Coffee is produced by the Githiru Farmers Cooperative Society.

The Githiru Farmers Cooperative Society only has one factory, but that doesn’t mean that the coffee produced by them is inferior to its competitors. The farmers grow their coffee at altitudes ranging from 1350 to 1900 meters. There are almost 900 members in Githiru and most of them grow a mixture of SL-28 and SL-34 varieties and small amounts of Ruiru and Batian. Like many Kenyan lots from the mountainous southern slopes of Mount Kenya, Githiru Kenya Coffee is grown in fertile volcanic soil rich in natural phosphorus, resulting in high quality and yield. 

Specialty coffee that captivates the senses with the perfect fruity blend of melon and cranberry combined with the delicate notes of vanilla. For Jordan Dabov, this Kenyan farm coffee is like sweet nectar that melts in the mouth. It should be tried at least once.

Kenya – a perfect mix of tradition and nature

Kenya is renowned for its coffee growing traditions, which today, enriched with technological innovations, give the green bean a unique quality. The country’s natural features are also the basis for its unique flavours and qualities. The abundance of water in the central regions allows the factories to wash and soak their coffee entirely with fresh, cold, river water. Established sorting by grade or bean size is a long-standing tradition that makes the roasting process easier.

Come with us on a journey through the flavours of Kenya and immerse yourself in the magic of Africa with 5 of the finest Kenyan coffees combined in one magical box. In the Kenya box, we’ve saved your much-loved coffees that were part of our coffee game:
  1. Kenya Kamoini Coffee – a sensory delight combining the delicate notes of milk chocolate and cream, topped with berry jam
  2. Coffee Kenya Gatugi – the perfect combination of green apple, white grape and cane sugar flavours
  3. Kenya Githiru Coffee – the perfect fruity combination of melon and cranberry, enriched with delicate hints of vanilla
  4. Coffee Kenya Gatujaini – a divinely sweet mix of milk chocolate and honey notes, finished with the fresh notes of cranberry
  5. Coffee Kenya Mahiga – the honey sweetness combined with the freshness of red apple and finished with the soft sugary taste of toffee

All coffees included in the Kenya box cannot be purchased separately! The only exception is the Kenya Kamoini coffee, which can be purchased separately from here.

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