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The best coffee in Thailand for 2022 can be tasted in Europe thanks to Dabov Specialty Coffee

On November 17, 2022, the Cup Of Excellence pilot took place in Thailand. The country stated its desire to present to the world its specialty coffees, innovation in processing, interesting and new varieties. Over 100 farmers applied and submitted samples, but only 14 of them made it to the finals, earning more than 86 points.

Part of the international jury was also our coffee seeker Yordan Dubov, who visited Thailand to taste the best coffees. The competition was held in Bangkok and lasted 3 days, with 10 of the best coffees being tasted more than 10 times.

In the contested auction, we at Dabov Specialty Coffee were able to win, along with our friends from Korea, the 1st place coffee in the competition produced by Jordan Caleb at Gem Forest Coffee Farm. The coffee gets 92.82 points out of 100, which is quite a high score.

What Yordan Dubov says about his first meeting with this coffee: “When I passed this coffee at the dining table, I suddenly felt the taste and aroma of a Panamanian geisha. We all know that Panamanian geishas are of unsurpassed quality and I was very surprised. I shared this feeling of mine with the other judges on the panel taking it as a bit of fun. After it was revealed at the finale that this coffee won 1st place, we spoke to its producer –  Jordan, mainly interested in how the geisha in Thailand are doing. ..

It turned out to be very simple – Years ago in the early 2000s, La Esmeralda (so famous for its unique geisha farm) sent him some green beans for a sample. Jordan plants them and nurtures them carefully until it turns out that the Thai geisha has Panamanian roots.

So I was right about the taste of this unique coffee. That’s why I did my best to get 1 kg of this harvest. And now I can share with you 16 portions of 40 g.

Pictures from Gem Farm – the place where this coffee winner is cultivated.

Note that only a few of us in the whole of Europe can taste it because Dabov Specialty Coffee was the only European company that participated in the auction and bought coffee from Thailand, and not just any coffee, but the best.

We’ve roasted it to perfection, so I hope you enjoy its delicate notes of jasmine, peach, and cherry.

Enjoy it!

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