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Video Diary of the Coffee Seeker: Rwanda 2024

All the Highlights from the Trip and Judging in Best of Rwanda by Yordan Dabov

Jordan Dabov, our renowned coffee hunter, embarks on a new adventure—this time to the heart of Africa, Rwanda. Amidst green hills and rich soils, he has the privilege of being invited by Sherri Jones as a judge and guest at the exclusive event “Best of Rwanda.” This is not just a competition; it is a celebration of local coffee, showcasing the best and highest quality coffee from the region to the world.

The Beginning of the Adventure in Rwanda

Sherri Jones is the co-founder of the Alliance for Coffee Excellence (ACE) and plays a key role in the development and promotion of the Cup of Excellence program. She is heavily involved in organizing and managing these competitions, which evaluate and reward the best coffees in the world.

Although she is not a judge, Sherri Jones works closely with judges and coffee experts who participate in the evaluation of coffees in the competitions. Her role includes coordinating events, training participants, and promoting the winners on the international stage.

This year’s competition is of particular significance. The majestic landscapes of Rwanda are not just a backdrop but a vital element of the coffee production that local farmers cultivate with such passion and care. The competition involves a rigorous selection process, where coffee is judged by a panel of experts based on its aroma, flavor, acidity, body, and overall balance. This carefully selected jury, including Yordan Dabov, has the task of uncovering the finest flavors of the region.

Winners get the opportunity to present their coffee at an international auction, attracting buyers from all over the world. For local farmers, this is a chance to gain well-deserved recognition and share their work and passion with the global community.

This year is crucial for the competition in Rwanda. It not only highlights the best coffee but also supports the farmers in their pursuit of excellence.

Stay with us to follow Yordan Dabov’s journey to the next exciting destination and become part of an incredible story filled with discoveries and inspiration.

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