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Какво сме ви приготвили, за да бъде лятото ви още по-вкусно и къде да се наслаждавате на нашите кафета през любимия ни сезон

What we have prepared to make your summer even more delicious and where you can enjoy our coffees during our favorite season

We eagerly anticipated the summer, and it seems it too was impatient to join us. Now, we can enjoy warm sunny days and cool long evenings. Many of you are already planning your vacations by the refreshing sea breeze, and we’ve ensured that even during your leisure time, you are just a step away from your favorite specialty coffee along the Black Sea coast.

We are opening the summer season with DABOV Specialty Coffee and our summer offerings. Therefore, we invite you to see the locations where you can find us by the sea and quickly grab a cup of coffee or a refreshing iced chocolate, or even something colder and more refreshing.


In our showrooms in Varna and Burgas, you can discover our refreshing temptations. During the heat of the day, try our signature summer drink “Matcha Tonic” – matcha and grapefruit tonic in a perfect combination of healthy and delicious, which will bring freshness and energy to your day. The tonic adds a slight fizziness and a refreshing citrus note, making the drink ideal for warm days. The Chocotigo iced chocolate is a wonderful, creamy, and thick drink that leaves a soft aftertaste and a velvety sensation on the palate. You can choose between two flavors: yogurt and coconut. Our iced latte is the perfect blend of espresso and milk, creating a refreshing and creamy drink. Enjoy the rich flavor and velvety texture, which will fill you with energy and pleasure. If you’re looking for something truly refreshing, our Cold Brew is just for you – a cold drink prepared through prolonged coffee extraction. An exceptionally fresh and interesting combination, made from tonic, a double shot of espresso, and ice awaits you with our Espresso Tonic. If you are a fan of iced tea, we have something for you too – Ambrosia iced tea will refresh and energize you. Don’t miss trying our Matcha Latte – a creamy drink made from matcha, coffee syrup, milk, and ice.



NatNatural – Kavarna, 2 Bulgaria Blvd.


DABOV Specialty Coffee Shop – Varna Center, 21 Ivan Vazov St., 9000 Varna

Mazu Beach – Coastal Alley, Saltanat

Mazu Port Restaurant – Odessos, 22 Primorski Blvd., 9000 Varna

La Pastaria – Piccadilly Park – 152 Knyaz Boris I Blvd., Parkmart Complex

Corsi di Cucina. Corsi di Pasta – 9 Dragoman St.

Reataurant Bacaro – Varna, Arhimandrit Filaret 4 Str.


Cliff Obzor Bay Hotel – South Beach Obzor 8250

Sveti Vlas

Big Mama – 31 Yasen St., 8256 Sveti Vlas

Sunny Beach

Bistro “Excelsior”, Sunny Beach


Daily Dose Specialty Coffee Shop – café, Pomorie


DABOV Specialty Coffee – Burgas Center, 97 San Stefano Blvd., 8000 Burgas

Bar “Barbosa” – 2B Serdika St.

Bulgaria Hotel – 21 Alexandrovka St.

Starci Razboinitsi – Burgas, Varvara village

Milano Cafeteria – Bratya Miladinovi District, Block 148

Zia Bakeries

NatuRali Coffee & Yoga – Lazur District, 21 Koprivshtitsa St., 8001 Burgas

Albatros – Burgas, North Beach, 8000 Burgas

Specialty Coffee Centre Point DABOV – Burgas Center, 10 Mihail Lermontov St., 8000 Burgas 


Palachoni – Camping Gradina Beach, 8142 Chernomorets, Four Seasons Complex


EXE Sozopol, restaurant, Kavatsi Camping

Alemagou Green Life – Budzhaka, Sozopol Green Life

Del Muro Restaurant – 42 Milet St.

Noir Beach – Kavatsi Beach, Mati Area, Sozopol

Mathis Bar and Grill – 4 Apolonia St.

Skraan Microbus – Camping Gradina

Palachoni – Camping Gradina Beach, Sozopol

Terrace Brunch and Cocktail – Kavatsi Camping, Sozopol


Cuba Libre – 17A Cherno More St.


By the Way – Burgas Region, Lozenets, 24 Georgi Kondolov St.


Hombry Shop – wine bar, Sinemorets, 11 St. Cyril and Methodius St

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