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With love from Brazil

The new exclusive addition to the Dabov Specialty Coffee collection comes from Brazil. The farm where it is grown has winning coffees in 2016, 2021 and 2022 in the Cup of Excellence competition.

The driving force behind the CERCA DE PEDRAS SÃO BENEDITO farm is the love for specialty coffee. And as we have always said – behind every successful specialty coffee selection is the dedication of the farmer.

Silvio Leite’s professional history is impressive. In 1999, he co-founded and participated in the creation of the technical protocols of the Cup of Excellence (COE) competition, by which the participating coffees are evaluated. He also played an essential role in the development and implementation of quality control for the Italian company Bozzo, based in Geneva, Switzerland.

Returning to Brazil in 2000, he founded and promoted a local specialty coffee competition in Bahia called “Assocafé”. Today, he still works as the head judge for the Cup of Excellence and has more than 30 COE competitions worldwide under his belt.

In 2019, he fulfilled one of his biggest dreams by acquiring the farm Cerca de Pedras São Benedito. It is located in Bahia, Chapada Diamantina at an altitude of 1270 m.

As Silvio says “Each variety of coffee has specific characteristics of aroma, body, acidity and sweetness. It is essential for us to use only the coffee varieties that are best adapted to the altitude, climate and soil of our farm.”

This region is blessed with unique conditions for growing specialty coffee, despite limited rainfall. Every coffee on the farm is shade-grown, hand-picked, mostly by women, for the more delicate treatment of the perfect cherries, after harvest, the crop is processed with the best techniques and dried slowly, under extreme control, carefully arranged on African beds .

Our new coffee – Fazenda Cerca De Pedras São Benedito – is the fruit of this experience and grown with the same attention. We managed to buy it at a private auction where it was in 4th place.

It is already with us. Coming soon in all our stores!

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